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How to Train Your Dragon 2 Trailer (extended version)

I think it might just be the same, but I haven’t seen it all yet.

Also I posted it 19 seconds after it came out. Do I win? :)

It’s the exact same as the one released yesterday. (False alarm?)

I’ll keep it up anyway because he’s hot.

So basically: new awesome trailer, and I a) didn’t know about it an b) am not at the right place atm to gif anything and c) won’t have the time to do so when I finally am. ;_;

Where does the time go? Everytime I check it’s like a week later and I haven’t done nearly everything I need to do, and none of the things I WANT to do .. I want to make gifs of new HTTYD2 footage for example :( Man I need more holidays :((

Sorry I’m so inactive guys. This semester didn’t start slow, it was just BAM and now you have no time to breathe and eat and sleep anymore…


HTTYD2 clip

So where is this new information? There is nothing new on the website and every link I try to follow to this dragonpedia thing gives me a 404. Is this only me? Did they make it US only? I’ll kill someone if they did -.-


I don’t remember seeing these on tumblr, so here.

Sorry if someone already posted!

On oncoming DRAGONS seasons! (Please read)

Alright, so there seemed to be a LOT of confusion lately about if there are going to be more seasons of dragons or not. So much confusion even that suddenly I wasn’t sure anymore about what was right and what was wrong, either.

So I asked therealsven again, just to get it confirmed:

There MAY be more seasons of dragons (and they, meaning the Dragons team of Dreamworks, definitely would want to do more!), but nothing has been green lit yet!
(I guess they need it to be green lit from Cartoon Network, because they need to air it after all)

So to all those people who still reblog these kind of posts and proclaim that there will definitely be more seasons and we should get our facts right: THESE are the facts. THERE MAY BE more seasons, but it is not yet official.

And there will also definitely be no season 3 that is called “Dragon Masters”. (Maybe someone can kick that stupid piece of information out of wikipedia?)

And to all those people who were so sad because it’s over: Don’t give up your hopes, I think the chances for new seasons will be really good after HTTYD2.

If anyone is interested, this is the original message from therealsven:

I usually don’t ask for reblogs or notes in general, but this time it would be nice if some of you could hit the button for a little signal boost, maybe?

scauldythescauldron sent:

ELLO There! Dragons to you! I would like to tell you that people are arguing that the link is wrong because in WatchCartoonOnline the first video is We are a Family part II instead of Cast Out Part II Hope you understand little dragun! Byaa!

Aaaah! Alright, I never tried the first one because the player didn’t look good enough for my standards :’D

Okay guys, try the second video in watchcartoononline!
(Or wait until crownflame has her link up and I can put it into the list :D)