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The first five minutes of How to Train Your Dragon 2!

Not too spoilery, if you have already seen the first and second trailers. The one really new stuff is the dragon races that was also glimpsed in the trailers too. It is an edited down version.


Me when I try to move my dog off the couch.

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How to Train Your Dragon 2 Trailer (extended version)

I think it might just be the same, but I haven’t seen it all yet.

Also I posted it 19 seconds after it came out. Do I win? :)

It’s the exact same as the one released yesterday. (False alarm?)

I’ll keep it up anyway because he’s hot.

So basically: new awesome trailer, and I a) didn’t know about it an b) am not at the right place atm to gif anything and c) won’t have the time to do so when I finally am. ;_;

Where does the time go? Everytime I check it’s like a week later and I haven’t done nearly everything I need to do, and none of the things I WANT to do .. I want to make gifs of new HTTYD2 footage for example :( Man I need more holidays :((

Sorry I’m so inactive guys. This semester didn’t start slow, it was just BAM and now you have no time to breathe and eat and sleep anymore…


HTTYD2 clip

So where is this new information? There is nothing new on the website and every link I try to follow to this dragonpedia thing gives me a 404. Is this only me? Did they make it US only? I’ll kill someone if they did -.-